True Transformation comes from looking at the bigger picture

Looking beyond the obvious to what the real issues might be ~ 
A "Whole-istic" approach to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing 

Massage Therapists and Somatic Exercise Coaches & Educators work very differently to physiotherapists etc; we work on relaxing the muscles over a much bigger area and not just the area the client thinks is causing the problem.  Generally speaking by the time the client acts on an ache or pain, the body has taken action long before then.  Using its own in-built protection mechanism the body starts to hold itself in a way to save it from further injury, which in turn causes other muscles to become tight and tense.  Therefore, to tackle this, we work with movement patterns; relaxing more muscles and encouraging the body to let go in general.  


Life happens on a daily basis and all of our actions, thoughts and feelings are reflected in our physical bodies.  It's not an age thing - it's our natural reactions to daily life.  To be able to cope and enjoy life, all throughout our lives, we need to release our daily tensions and habituated body postures regularly, before they build up and cause us further issues.   

There are many reasons to seek treatment, including:

  • looking for help to free up tight muscles and/or constrictive muscle patterns

  • to release stress and tension which may be current or has built up over time - days, weeks, months or even years! 

  • to help you cope or deal with a mental/emotional situation causing you stress

  • wanting to kick start a detox programme or have a better functioning system

  • seeking help and support in making profound Transformational changes in your life.

Whatever your reasons, I will adapt your treatments to suit your ever changing needs, meaning that no two treatments will ever be the same. I encourage my clients to think of my treatments as a support tool, not as a quick one-time-fix. The treatments will help you to maintain health and well-being throughout your life.  My aim is to encourage people to look after themselves more, to learn that looking after yourself is not selfish, but the best investment you can make; an investment in "yourself.”

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Introductory Offer for New Clients

Initial Consultation AND treatment just £30.00

Give me a call to book in and discuss your issues and how I can help. What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain?



My Introductory Offer is also available to purchase as a Gift Voucher;  or you can purchase Gift Vouchers for a value of your Choice. 

Trauma Release & Vagus Nerve work 

Really excited about bringing more Trauma Release work to my Therapy Practice and also work that accesses the Vagus Nerve  - in truth  this actually incorporates work that I have been doing for the past 12 years, with just a couple of tweaks.  It works on a much more subtle level with some incredibly powerful results, which is where my work had been naturally progressing to over the years - and for me feels like "true bodywork" not just a massage......and I absolutely love working in this way.

I am now offering TDT (Trauma Discharge Therapy sessions) either as stand alone treatment sessions, or integrated into a longer more comprehensive Bodywork session or Transformational Treatment Therapy session.   

Somatic Exercise Movement Workshops & Classes

I run Somatic Exercise Movement workshops in Pickmere, near Knutsford (3 miles from Junction 19 of M6), and also at The Monastery Manchester.  Happy to consider travelling to your area if you have a group wanting to learn - contact me to discuss.

Due to the restricts of Covid19 all in person workshops are cancelled until further notice.    However, I am running online classes via Zoom - General for those who have done SEM before, and also beginners sessions.   I  have just completed a very successful beginners series and am now taking enquiries for the next series - possible times are Monday evening and/or Wednesday Afternoon.  Series runs for 8 weeks

Cost £7.50 per class (concessions available).   Please contact me direct to discuss and reserve your place - numbers restricted so I can properly interact/teach you how to do the movements - it is not a "follow me" type of class. 

1:1 sessions are also available - online via Zoom or outside in your garden as at present not allowed to work with individuals indoors. 


Susan Roberts Body Therapy provides professional treatments as a therapeutic means of promoting prevention, wellbeing and health. Based in Cheshire.

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