Our physical body along with our mental emotional well-being is our most precious commodity.  Why?  Because it has to last a life time! Yet some people look after cars and houses better than they do themselves. 

Transformational Treatments are my passion and umbrella everything I do as a Body Therapist.  The goal of these sessions to look at the whole picture - body, mind, spirit - and to use different techniques to help you to improve your health, wellbeing and change your life for the better.  

The body works as a whole and whilst you may come in due to a pain in your shoulder and thought a shoulder massage would best suit your needs, it is likely that the shoulder pain originates somewhere else. Sometimes pain in the legs could be generated in the lower back and hips; neck or arm pain from the upper back; abdominal discomfort connected to lower back issues, and vice versa.  

Likewise, you may come in thinking that you would like to feel relaxed, but in actual fact, looking at the bigger picture, what you want is to feel energised, focused, or calm. 

Sessions are booked as time-slots rather than specific treatments, allowing for greater flexibility to put together a treatment tailored to your particular needs on that day. Treatments are entirely adaptive to each clients needs. I may suggest the use of a mixture of all my treatments (NO HANDS Massage, Somatic Movement etc) to a lesser or greater proportion to each other. Clients also help to curate the treatments by requesting certain combinations or requesting a particular technique they would like to focus on that day. 


Generally these time-slots are of 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes in duration.  Consulation and ‘coming-to’ time is additional so that you can really have time to let go and release, rather than your session feel short and hurried.  Giving yourself time allows the treatment to have a more profound impact. Please allow approx. 15/20 mins extra time for this. 

Susan Roberts Body Therapy provides professional treatments as a therapeutic means of promoting prevention, wellbeing and health. Based in Cheshire.

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