Most relaxing and uplifting experience, made me feel completely chilled. Felt like I was walking on a cloud after my massage. I would recommend no hands to anyone, its just amazing. Susan incorporated the most amazing face massage at the end of my last session, it was truly fantastic, my skin felt so smooth and my body revitalized.  JD

I have been a client of Susan’s for a long time now. During that time Susan has changed style of massage and become a No Hand’s therapist. This style of massage allows the client to tailor the treatment to what they want. Initially it was strange to talk through how I wanted to be massaged and how I thought I’d feel at the end but this ensured Susan was fully in tune with my outcomes, body and where the problem tension was. 

For me the relaxation starts just getting on the couch, knowing that I am in safe hands and about to experience a sensational massage. This safe, secure feeling flows throughout the massage experience enabling me to relax and take some time out of everyday things to focus on me. The feeling of total relaxation at the end of a massage is wonderful and it often takes me a while to come round and move off the treatment couch. The massage not only changes the way my body feels but also boosts me mentally enabling me to cope better. Susan is able to execute this style of massage with great passion and flare. She has developed as a therapist and has turned from a good to a fantastic therapist. She has a natural ability to listen to and attune to her clients. If you were thinking about having a massage treatment with Susan, I would say YES do it and you’ll be amazed.  NH

I've never had a massage where I've been asked about what I wanted from it and how I'd know it afterwards... but I gave it a go. After my first massage I felt stronger, tension between my shoulders had vanished (and stayed that way for a week!), and I felt more loving and mischievous - every outcome on my list basically! What I love about the massages is that no two sessions are the same - they are totally tailored to what you need there and then, sometimes not so easy, but Susan is there to help you.  Sometimes I feel very loved. Sometimes I feel like crying. Sometimes I'm off in my own world. Every time it's been perfect and I find the benefits of the session last for a lot longer than other techniques. I expected to feel 'pummelled' after the  treatment but that's so not the case - you control how gentle/hard you want the treatment and yet the massage goes very deep. I really enjoy the no-hands massages and find they nurture my spiritual body as well as my physical body.  SV

This is a difficult one to really put into words as the well being I feel generated is really quite phenomenal. I really do think it is a journey for the client - for as well as taking time out to relax and to focus on your well-being it is also to work with the massage therapist to really open up to the extent of benefits a NO HANDS massage can deliver.... and when you do you will never look back!!! LT

Susan's No Hands massage is exquisite. The time that is taken in preparation to agree in detail (although in clear language) what the client wants from the session is invaluable.  Each experience is different based on the agreed method she uses in the session.  Whatever the experience, whether it be a real mind or body release or both, the benefit is notable in mind, body and spirit.  Always a joyful experience.  TB

From the first instance of meeting Susan, I find her a lovely , caring, wonderful person who wants only the best for everyone.  Her massage is an extension of herself, and that caring energy flows through to the center of your very being.  Bringing a mental  and physical relaxation and improvement in the quality of self and peace of mind.  You don't walk away from a session with Susan - you float.  God Bless Susan, keep up the good work x PP

The massage itself was very relaxing - just the right pressure being applied, for me. I found my range of movement, especially in the lower back,improved, and generally felt much more supple and loose.  I don't know if it was the questions asked - how I wanted to feel and what I wanted from the sessions - or something in the massage itself, or a combination of both that made me open my own mind. But I look at situations and people with a more positive mindset.  I would greatly recommend No Hands Massage Therapy By Susan and intend to have more sessions myself.  BP

I have had many massages but nothing like this. It is a completely different experience; so much more than just a massage. I wasn't sure what to expect but went in with an open mind and one massage later I was hooked! Now I look forward to my monthly massage and the time it gives me to relax, reintroduce balance and help me to have the energy to face anything that comes my way. It just gets better and better. The benfits last far beyond the massage - which makes it great value for money! Susan is lovely, makes you feel really comfortable and helps you to make the most of your massage. My advice, give it a go - there's nothing to lose and you'll find yourself all the better for it. KD

Hi Susan - here’s a review you can put on your website or use in literature :-I have had chronic pain and tightness in my hip flexors legs & lower back for approximately the last five years. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hip joints and also have a leg length discrepancy of approximately 1 cm. I tried physio therapy, chiropractic, Accupuncture, Pilates, cranial sacral therapy, osteopathy yoga, homeopathy and changed to an arthirits diet but non of these helped (apart from acupuncture which relieved acute symptoms and homeopathy which improved my overall well being and some specific pains) I did not have enough cash to afford going to a therapist every week and I wanted to find a way to heal my own symptoms without someone having to “fix me” I was unable to walk my kids to school every day or walk around a small supermarket (such as Aldi) without being in a lot of pain by the time I got to the checkout. Standing in a queue or at a bus stop and lying in bed were also painful. I was unable to wear heels even small ones. I was very very fatigued most of the time just trying to get through the day. By the evening I’d just want to sit with feet up watching tv. I did not know my muscles were held in a contracted state causing pain and draining my energy causing fatigue! I found Susan Roberts via Google search on “leg length discrepancy ”and it came up with her website. I booked on one of her workshops in January this year and bought the somatics book by Thomas Hannah which made a lot of sense to me. After the first workshop I did not notice a lot of difference but I kept on going as it was relaxing doing the exercises about 4-five days a week. By the next workshop I was feeling the benefits. The first changes I noticed were that I had less pain on walking and when lying in bed. I also noticed I had more energy. This has continued to increase and I am able to do more things. I would say my pain has reduced from being 9/10 on a bad day to 3/10 and I definitely can walk further and recover faster. I still have days when I’m in pain but they are fewer and nowhere near as acute. I would recommend Susan to anyone as she really understands chronic pain and how to teach you to get yourself out of it. HS

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