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September 5, 2019

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SMA - Sensory Motor Amnesia

January 11, 2018

SMA - Sensory Motor Amnesia

(Sensory Motor Amnesia) is what happens when muscles fail to reset back to  natural/neutral length after repetitive postural actions, a trauma, or mental emotional  issues which have an effect on the physical being too! Bodies learn by habit and we become so engrossed in achieving in life that we stop noticing that we are getting into poor postural habits, or are unaware of the consequences of repetitive actions until pain strikes and our quality of life is affected. 


This problem has become an even bigger issue since the invention of Computers,  Gaming machines and Mobile phones, and the fact that we now live in a 24/7 world in which we have learnt how not to switch off - both physically and mentally.  Mental  emotional stress and tension has an effect on the physical body too!   Couple that with the feeling of needing to be slim and holding our stomaches in as we walk we restrict proper flow of movement and as a consequence we loose touch with how our bodies should move and all we feel and know is pain, restriction and discomfort.  No pain no gain, and feel the burn has also become the norm – but our body reacts to pain by automatically contracting the muscular system.  An example of this is the way you automatically recoil from excessive heat.  Your sensory (feeling nerves) send a sign to your brain – ouch! Hot! - and the brain then sends a signal to the muscles to move away from the heat source.  So if you body contracts at pain – what then happens to your muscles if you always work to or in pain – they tighten up even more and as a consequence the body learns that that is how and where they should be, and so adopts and adapts to where they are.


Muscles that become "stuck" & contracted, become tighter, painful, stop working  properly, restrict movement, circulation & make us feel tired. Ignored longer they can pull the skeletal stysem out of alignment, cause Scoliosis type issues; Hip Hikes making people feel like they have one leg shorter than the other & so need orthotics; Carpal Tunnel like problems; Walking issues etc. 

Left longer term, the problem just gets worse, can eventually affect our whole bodies – and supposedly it is just down to getting old – even at 40, or 30 or due to the  current use of computers and technologies - 25!   When really we just need to learn to take time out, to vary our movement patterns, to learn how to relax, release and re- set contracted muscles and also to learn how to deal effectively with stress and  tension, and not just once but on a regular basis - because life with all it's ups and  downs and repetitive actions goes on....


By using Somatic Exercises to release SMA & re-set muscles back to their natural neutral length, by being aware of postural habits; we can re-gain muscle movement, better circulation, increased energy and crucially – as many clients say – regain better quality of life!

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