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Most people know and think of massage as a relaxing pampering treat or a time to fall asleep.  BUT did you know that massage can also help:

·      elevate moods, 

·      balance depleted or hyper energy levels 

·      leave you feeling awake and alert 

·      you feel calm and more able to cope, and

·      feal able to take on the world again?


That is why I tailor treatments to both adapt to your current needs as well as looking at you end goal. Adapting your massage to suit your life's changes, physical demands and mental, emotional ups and downs, to what you need and want at that particular massage treatment. No two massages are ever the same.


My treatments are about providing support.  Maybe one time you need to feel calm, chilled and clear headed; another it’s more about easing physical aches and pains; to feel re-energised and re-charged; to feel repleted and re-balanced; or grounded, together and level headed.     


When I am doing a massage I am connecting with my client, sometimes working deep, sometimes light; sometimes fast, sometimes slow or still. I tune into how your muscles feel and how they react or respond.  By connecting with clients in this way it turns massage treatment into something more profound than just relaxing.

What is NO HANDS® Massage?

Deep Touch

Nourishing Touch

Energising Touch 

Transforming Touch


Developed by UK Massage therapist, Gerry Pyves, NO HANDS Massage is the fastest growing new approach to Massage sweeping across the country!


It is being hailed as “The New Massage” because it bridges the gap between Eastern and Western approaches to healing touch. Eastern approaches to touch are often deep and powerful but sometimes rely on painful techniques. Western Massage is often pleasantly relaxing but can also be superficial or ineffective. 


NO HANDS is being called “The Gentle Giant” of Massage in that it is both immensely powerful and yet pleasant at the same time. In this, it bridges the gap between Eastern and Western approached to touch.


It achieves this because the whole weight of the therapist‘s body is used through the very soft surfaces of the forearm. This amount of depth is impossible with traditional massage techniques without damaging the therapist’s hands. With NO HANDS you know that no matter how deep or how powerful the Massage, your therapist remains in good health.


Having a practitioner gently and expertly lean their whole weight on you through their forearms is a feeling that is almost impossible to describe, which is why we invite you to…



 Take time out ................................. Just Feel It


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