Foot Reflex

Foot Reflex treatments  are a very unique way of working to stimulate the reflex points of the feet, which in turn stimulate the body to correct any imbalance. 


Clients who love traditional reflexology love this method.  Very effect, working deeply yet efficiently, with the client again in charge of depth so it is deep enough to be effective but comfortable for the client.

(45 minute session)


I quite often use some Foot Reflex work if clients want to feel energised; or feel that something isn't quite right with their system but don't quite know what; or feel that a bug is imminent or lingering; or thwy want to feel more connected to the floor, more grounded and level.

One client said it felt like he was plugged into a socket and could feel waves of energy being pumped into his body via his feet).

Another said - when you were massaging my feet it felt like I was walking on warm stones, I was on a beach. 


As with all treatments - if you aren't sure, why not book in and give it a try - what have you got to loose - What could you gain!!

SPECIAL OFFER for January & February 2018:

Three treatments for only £99. Terms and Conditions apply. Contact me for details.

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