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I offer Corporate site based Massage Treatments as well as Body Awareness & Somatics Exercise Movement Sessions and Workshops.  They can be paid for by the Corporate Company or the clients themselves.  They can be run as regular sessions or one off days, and are a great way of offering Rewards to staff or Team building or day events.  


I also offer advice to Companies and staff to help with postural issues:

Most companies these days spend a lot of money on desk and chair ergonomics, however if staff adopt poor postural habits throughout the day, and more importantly don't release out of the cramped, constrictive, slumped positions even the most expensive ergonomic furniture and DSE assessments won't stop them from getting muscular tension issues.  


Just like we learn things by repetition, so do our bodies.  Over time not only do we adapt to poor postural habits but adopt them too so that they become our "normal" posture.  Left uncorrected, they can eventually cause greater postural issues and problems e.g. RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Upper and Lower back issues etc.  


It is often the case though that people not only don't realise they are doing it, but find general exercise doesn't help release tight muscles either.  Tight constrictive muscles wear us down, deplete energy levels and affect concentration and productivity.


I can quite easily see what people are doing just by looking at their posture and postural positions, and can help staff to become more bodily aware of what they are doing to themselves!  By teaching them Somatic Exercise Movements that they can do on a regular basis throughout the day to release their bodies back to neutral positions, they will not only feel more energised, have more focus, they will feel happier and be more productive too!  

 Computeritis article – susan will send


If you would like me to come to your company to advise and work with your staff to help with postural issues, or run workshops or offer Massage Treatment sessions please contact me on 07766 058 783 to discuss your requirements. 


Companies I have worked with:

  • AstraZeneca

  • Siemens

  • Coop

  • M6 Papers

  • Cheshire Fire Service

  • The Monastery, Manchester

  • Fisherfield Farm Nursery

  • Cube3

  • NHS

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