Put simply - Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils to bring about change in the body. 


Essential Oils are oils that are present within the root, bark, leaf or flower of an aromatic plant.  The oils are contained in the form of tiny droplets which are extracted from the plant matter using various methods, the most common being steam distillation.  Although they are called “oils” they have a non-oily feel and generally, with only a few exceptions, essential oils should not be used neat on the skin.


They have many properties and uses.  As well as being known to calm, relax or de-stress, they can also be energising, stimulating or uplifting; many are known to have anti-viral, anti--bacterial or anti-inflammatory properties and uses too.  

As a caution, there are also some oils which shouldn't be used with some medications, medical conditions, and during pregnancy and that is why I always check for contra-indications prior to blending for clients. 


Just as I tailor each and every massage treatment to the clients needs and outcomes from each session, If I'm using oils to enhance a client's treatment session or for their use at home between sessions, I blend specifically for the client.  That way I can tailor the blend to suit the clients needs, making each treatment session totally unique and why no two treatment sessions are ever the same.  


I may also, from time to time, use a blend that I have had previous success with if dealing with a similar  ailment.  e.g. the blend I mixed for a client who successfully came off his migraine medication with the approval of his GP; The main blend tweaked slightly by adding Tea Tree to help his athlete's foot problem. And would you believe that blend/cream was used on the feet – yes the feet to help with  migraines!       



Although most people know Aromatherapy as being used in relaxing massage treatments, there are many other ways of using essential oils too. I quite often reach for essential oils and make a blend for my bath if I have some “mind stuff” going on, or if I have aches and pains and in need of anti-inflammatory oils; I might use a compress for headaches or stomach upsets; put essential oils into a body lotion; and I also use them when I am cleaning - people often comment on how lovely and fresh my home feels and smells.    Perfumes, the good one's, are a blend of a variety of essential oils and you can really tell the difference in the aroma.  (see details on my Aromatherapy Information Days if you would like to learn more). 



Please note that I only blend for people who attend as clients.  Due to new EU regulations I am not able to sell on blends to non-clients.  BUT that has it's  advantages as it means I can TAILOR make a BESPOKE blend specific to you.


If you would like to book in for an Aromatherapy Massage, just decide how long a session you would like either 45 or 60 mins of massage time and then book in.  (Please note there will be an additional cost for the oil blend).


Please be sure to let me know when you book your appointment that you would like aromatherapy oils to be used in your treatment.

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