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My background initially was as a Fitness Instructor, having completed a Movement & Dance Teachers Certificate  with the Scottish Keep Fit Association (1983 -1985),  I then gained their  Exercise to Music Teachers Cerificate Course (1986) and completed further training as a Step Aerobics Instructor.  I then went on to complete the BAWLA  (British Amateur Weight Lifting Association) Leaders Certificate (1987). 


Having used Aromatherapy for home and self use for quite a few years, out of interest and curiocity I decided to explore massage and after taking part in a basic 2 day course, my fulltraining and career in Massage began in 1990.  Training initially in Swedish Body Massage, I then progressed to Clinical Aromatherapy (IFPA) and trained to advance level in On-Site Seated Acupressure Massage (AOSM). I have also undertaken courses in Blending, Aromatherapy and Back Care; Aromatherapy and Stress; Swiss Reflex Therapy (which combines the powerful therapies of Reflexology and Aromatherapy); Thermal Stone Massage and Indian Head Massage.


In 2007 the opportunity presented for me to attend the basic training course (TT) with the NO HANDS® Massage company.  I was just totally blown away by it and felt like I had “come home”, that I had found the style of massage that I should be doing and that strangely reflected me as a person too.  It is one of the best massage courses I have ever attended and I continued training to Practitioner, then Advanced and Advanced Plus levels, Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage and I also repeated some courses to improve the techniques and gain a better understanding.  I have also completed year 1 at Mastery Level which covers working with 36 different styles of massage, how we communicate with clients to help them get the best from each and every treatment session, and also working with clients who wish to undertake transformational work.  My work is continuously assessed through ongoing training and assessments.


I love the flow of this massage, the way we work with clients and how every massage is different (no more same old, same old).  I feel my clients achieve better, more longer lasting results with NO HANDS® massage than with any other form of massage I have used in the past.  I have clients who have been coming to me since 2003, who have totally embraced this approach to massage and all that it has to offer, reaping the benefits as they come back on a regular basis.  Most of my new clients at present come from referrals.   See the Massage pages for more information.


As a Bodyworker I work with the body and with the feel of the muscles and the tissues, to what the individual "body" needs.  Sometimes working each side of the body differently, and mixing up the pace of the massage - so definitely no pre-set routine here;  Each massage unique to each client, at "this time", "in this" massage.   The more I work in this way the more I feel that this is how massage should be done – doing a massage that really and truly suits “this” client and not the same one I just did on the client before, or done on the same client in a previous session.  It's almost like listening to the tissues of the body and moving and working with what "it" seems to want in any moment - maybe one fast massage move in amongst slow, deep work, or maybe a sense of needing to slow more or do still, light work as I sense a release happening from deep within the bodies tissues as it dares to let go of some deep rooted history held at a deeper cellular level, or encouraging the client to let go of a holding pattern, that even they may not realise they have until I gently whisper - It's ok to let go"..  or more vigorous or flowing moves if sensing that the body wants to release and flow and move more freely - breaking free from it's stiffness......I love this way of working, and helping clients release their historical limitations - fabulous! 


I stopped teaching exercise classes in 1994, but continued with massage training.  However, whilst exploring reasons why both clients & myself had recurring issues with muscles & the skeletal system, even though we might have lots of massage, I came across Somatic Movement Exercises – and WOW – another of those “I've come home moments” occcurred.  This (SMA) what it is, how it occurs and the benefits of releasing it – and why we need to be aware of what we are doing with our bodies (see my Somatics page for more information) all made so much sense to me, and whilst exploring it for myself gained so much stability and yet freedom in my body that I went on to do training in it.  So far I have completed a course in the  Fundamentals of Somatic Exercises; and have also gained the Certificate as a Somatics Exercise Coach (level 1 & 2), and certainly plan to extend my training with further courses.  This also links amazing well with massage sessions, so I often link the two as well as running classes  and workshops in Somatic Exercises, and encouraging others to take up a regular, if not daily, practice.


It wouldn't be right to encourage clients to have treatments and engage in a regular Somatics sessions if I didn't have/do them for myself.  So I certainly “Talk my Walk” and I am more in tune with my own body for doing it. 


I look forward to continuing my career for many more years to come.

Advanced Massage Therapist (MNHMA)

Somatic Exercise Coach (SEC2)

Clinical Aromatherapist

Intuitive Bodyworker

Susan Roberts Body Therapy provides professional treatments as a therapeutic means of promoting prevention, wellbeing and health. Based in Cheshire.

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